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Recommended Wines (750cl)

Urmeneta – Sauvignon Blanc
Pale coloured with a powerful gooseberry like aroma. Medium dry to taste with an excellent crisp finish.
Urmeneta – Merlot
A powerful aroma. A pronounced fruity richness, soft and round to taste with excellent flavours that give it full body
Sacchetto – Pinot Grigio
Straw yellow with copper reflections. Fine and delicate with light and spicy aromas and a slightly nutty aftertaste.
South African
Juno – Cabernet Sauvignon
A velvety, smooth blend with good depth of colour. Well rounded with a concentration of dark fruit flavours leading into a full, ripe finish.
Carlo Rossi – Rosé
Light and crisp with subtle flavours of fresh fruit. Bright and very refreshing with a clean finish