Boardroom Facilities

Most of the Harcourt Hotel’s meeting rooms are located in what we refer to as the new wing. Many of the rooms still have their original ornate ceilings, chandeliers and period style drapes; a reminder of a more gracious age. When it comes to meeting rooms / board rooms they offer a refreshing alternative to the somewhat clinical alternatives available.

The names of the suites delve into the hotel’s historic connections with George Bernard Shaw.

facilities_01The Warren Suite

Located on the ground floor level. This is the largest of the suites available. It can cater for up to 32 persons theatre style or 24 persons in a board room style.

facilities_02The Nobel and Eliza Suites

These identical suites are next door to each other on the first floor. They will take up to 25 persons theatre style or 16 boardroom style.

facilities_03The Synge Suite

Located on the Ground floor next to the Warren Suite. This compact room is most often used as a breakout room from the Warren suite. It can hold a board room meeting of up to 10 persons. The Playwright and the Heartbreak Suites These are located on the lower ground floor. Ideal for boardroom meetings up to 14 persons.

The Green Room

This room is in the main hotel on the first floor. It can take 18 theatre style and up to 10 boardroom style. It is a preferred choice as an interview room.

All of our meeting rooms are supplied with stationary and iced water on arrival.


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Food and Beverage Meeting Supplies

All prices are on a per person basis unless stipulated. Typically for the Ane Meridiem

  • Tea / Coffee – €1.50 pp
  • Tea / Coffee & Biscuits – €2.00 pp
  • Tea / Coffee & Danish Patries -€ 3.00 pp
  • Tea / Coffee and Croissants – €3.00 pp
  • Tea / Coffee & Scones – €3.00 pp
  • Tea / Coffee & Hot Cross Buns – €3.00 pp

Light Dining Breaks

  • Soup & Selection of Sandwiches – €7.90 pp
  • Selection of Sandwiches – €4.95 pp
  • Hot finger food platters -€ 6.00 pp

Carvery Lunch (self service with reserved seating)

  • Main Course & Tea/Coffee – €8.95
  • Soup & Mains or Mains & Dessert, tea / coffee -€11.95
  • Soup, Mains and dessert, tea / coffee – €15.45

Dining Facilities with Table Service

  • 2 course followed by tea / coffee – €15.00 – €20.00 pp
  • 3 course followed by tea coffee – €18.00 – €23.00 pp


  • Iced water supplied on arrival am & pm on the House
  • Flasks of tea / coffee (per flask) – TBC depending numbers of people
  • Jugs of iced juices per jug – €10.00
  • Mineral waters per bottle (250ml) – €2.60
  • Soft drinks per bottle (200ml) – €2.80
  • Juices per bottle (180ml) – €2.80